Winterization Workshop Ticket - Fortuna Nov 10th

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Winterization Workshop Ticket - Fortuna Nov 10th

Winterization Workshop in Eureka from 1-3pm. 


  • Harvest time is the beginning of your next cycle - not the end.
  • Preps production areas for the following cycle by resting and rejuvenating with OM, Microbes, and ground cover
  • Optimize pH and removes salt build-up: liming and leaching
  • Soil health builder - nutrient retention, biology, N-fixing, humus building
  • Encourage beneficial biology
  • Erosion reduction
  • Pest and disease reduction
  • ecological and economic principles/benefits

Winterization Components


Cover crop

Cardboard - if sheet mulching

Straw mulch

Compost tea applications - as much as you want, even none if you are low tech or lazy or whatever the reason - you will still get benefits from simply sheet mulching and getting compost in there.

Liming agents - need a pH measurement to know how much liming agent is needed