GreenGro Myco Sale 25% This Month

GreenGro Myco Sale 25% This Month

February's big sale will help your bring life back into your soil and is one of the cheapest ways to increase the productivity of your farm. Get 25% off all GreenGro Myco products this month, both online and in our four retail locations, including our  

What is GreenGro Myco?

GreenGro Ultrafine & Granular are blends of mycorrhizae, beneficial bacteria, kelp and humic. This highly-effective and easy-to-use, all-in-one product will dramatically improve the health and vigor of your root systems. The Ultrafine blend is perfect for hydroponic and soil drench applications. The Granular can be applied at time of transplant for season-long lasting benefits. Both are valuable components in compost teas and soil mixes.

GreenGro mycorrhizae blend contains a diverse selection of endo mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial root colonizing bacteria. It creates a network of microfilaments and microbes that act as an extension of the plants’ root system. Beneficial bacteria help the plant by secreting enzymes that the plant uses for a variety of tasks including vigorous growth.

Along with 4 species of mycorrhizal fungi & 5 strains of bacillus, these blends also contains premium-grade soluble kelp and humics to help prime your roots. The humic is derived from Leonardite and provides 10% humic acid as a whole. Together with the beneficial microbes, it breaks down and transfers nutrients to the plant with greater efficiency.


Ultrafine: 1 teaspoon per gallon; apply directly to roots or base of plants; when transplanting, root systems can be just dipped in solution; you may also dust the roots directly when transplanting.

Granular: 1 Tablespoon into each hole or mix directly into top 4-6 inches of soil. 16 ounces will treat (40) 1-gallon pants. 

Feb 7th 2018

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