​Earthshine Biochar 25% Off the month of January!

​Earthshine Biochar 25% Off the month of January!

Earthshine Biochar Blend is an fast and economical way to boost the performance of your new soil, rejuvenate your old soil and improve effectiveness of compost teas and mycorrhizae. This blend is derived from NorCal biochar, glacial rock, soybean meal and worm castings. It can be used when transplanting, as a top dressing or in your favorite tea formula. All you need is about 5 lbs. per yard to revitalize your soil. For teas, the usage level is about 1-2 tablespoons per 5 gallons. Biochar is well known for its abilities to dramatically increase soil carbon levels which directly relates to a healthy, thriving soil. This product also improves soil aeration and availability of nutrients; it also increases the microbial activity of your soil, which in turns breaks down the dead root mass and any leftover nutrients. In addition, Earthshine increases the water use efficiency and carbon content of your soil. Promoting the development of healthy soils should be a part of your cultivation plan. It’s all about the soil….

BioChar. What is it?

Biochar is slowly charred organic matter. In most cases it is made out of hardwood, oak, pine or redwood. The regionally specific locations we pull from are Colorado and Northern California. Biochar is made by slowly heating the wood at approximately 650 degrees for a period of 24 hours. This insures that the wood is carbonized but not completely made out of carbon activated charcoal. The main difference between activated charcoal and Biochar are that activated charcoal is primarily used for absorption and soil remediation whereas Biochar is used as a soil amending ingredient and has been proven very useful at cultivating beneficial bacteria and fungi in the soil. Biochar should still have some remnants of wood remaining while activated charcoal is completely carbonized and is not intended for agricultural use.

The International Biochar Initiative has recognized Biochar’s ability to rejuvenate soil carbon levels, sequester CO2, reduce nutrient runoff, increase water use efficiency and promote soil microbial development. Activated charcoal is not as good as Biochar because it is a byproduct of a secondary industry. Activated charcoal usually comes from bio energy or energy production industries. And thus it is very inexpensive to buy compared to Biochar. Biochar is listed as organic while activated charcoal cannot be listed as organic in most cases.

Application Rates:

Transplant: 1 TBS per 6 inch potting hole
Recycling soil: 1 Lb per 4 Cubic feet of soil
Boosting new soil: 1 Lb per 6 cubic feet
Compost tea: 1 to 2 TBS per 5 gallon

Large application:

30 Lbs will treat 1 pallet of new soil OR 2 cubic yards of old soil

Month Long Sale

Now is the time to do something about your soil! Buy Earthshine Biochar today and give life back to your soil.

Jan 8th 2018

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