Sponsor Team NHS at the Perilous Plunge

Sponsor Team NHS at the Perilous Plunge

Northcoast Horticulture Supply has formed a brave team to jump into the chilly waters of Humboldt Bay for the 17th Annual Perilous Plunge to raise funds for the Discovery Museum. We'd like to ask your support in helping Team NHS - PolarBareRoots raise money for the Discovery Museum. The Discovery Museum is where Humboldt Kids are introduced to a love of learning and the fun of Science. We need your help to make sure this invaluable community resource thrives in 2018. You can sponsor Team NHS online with a debit or credit card or you can send a check to Discovery Museum 612 G Street Suite 102 Eureka, CA 95501 and write Team NHS in the memo. We greatly appreciate any support you can give Team NHS in raising funds for the Discovery Museum.

Northcoast Horticulture Supply and Humboldt Wholesale also donated a House & Garden Soil Starter Kit to the Perilous Plunge online Auction. House & Garden offers complete nutrition for all plants with their cutting edge formulations. Start growing with the best line of nutrients today with the House & Garden Soil Starter Kit available at Northcoast Horticulture Supply. The kit includes 1L of Soil A & B, 100mL Roots Excel, 100 mL Amino Treatment, 250 mL Multi Zen, 250 mL, Top Booster 250 mL, Nitrogen Boost 250mL, Drip Clean 250 mL and 2 sachets of Shooting Powder 65g/Ea. The House & Garden Soil Starter Kit is great for the hobbyist Gardener. Place your bid online to help raise funds for the Discovery Museum.

Northcoast Horticulture Supply will also be donating gardening supplies to the Discovery Museum Earth Day Herb Garden Workshop that will be put on in partnership with Humboldt Green Week Sunday, April 22nd at the Discovery Museum from noon to 4:00 pm. There is FREE admission to the Discovery Museum on Earth Day April 22nd. Your little ones will learn how to plant an herb garden that can be used to spice up your family meals. Please bring 1-2 recycled containers to the Earth Day Herb Garden Workshop that can be used as planters.

Mar 13th 2018

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