Steep Hill GenKit 8 Plant sexing kit

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Increase efficiency in seed-based cultivation. GenKit can help you identify males quicker than ever before with just a snippet of the first true leaf!

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GenKit equips cultivators with the ability to identify male seedlings immediately!

Pre-paid sendoff for up to 8 samples at a time. GenKit is the least intrusive method for sexing cannabis plants. All that is required is a snippet from the first true leaf and our scientists will have results back to you in days!

Retrieve your sample results online, anonymously

GenKit uses sophisticated equipment to answer a simple question: is this seedling male?

Organized and effortless from start to finish


Collect samples using each of the 8 sample envelopes included in the organizer. Use each to clip a true leaf from the plant.


With all 8 samples included, ship GenKit back to Steep Hill Labs for analysis. Prepaid shipping envelope included.


Log on to to access your results. Results are generally posted within 2 days of arrival.