Sparetime Russian Greensand 50lbs

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800.00 Ounces
Sparetime Russian Greensand 50#

Sparetime Supply Russian Greensand is an iron-potassium silicate. It loosens clay and increases moisture by up to ten times. This product is a good source of potassium and also contains over 30 trace minerals.

We used to get greensand from New Jersey; that source dried up, causing a mild panic among greensand aficionados across the nation. Ever at the service of our loyal customers, we scoured the globe until we found some all the way over in Russia. Russian greensand is less green in color than Jersey greensand, but so far our customers are happy with it.

Directions for Use:

Broadcast 44 lbs per 1,000 square feet before planting, or top dress later in the growing season. Water thoroughly after application.

Ingredients: Derived from glauconite.