PURPL Scientific Pro Instant Potency Measurement System Kit

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7.00 LBS
Full Kit comes in protective hard Case

Purpl PRO

a hand-held solution that turns your smartphone into a robust potency measurement system.

this is the first affordable, accurate, portable potency measurement device for the cannabis industry. It is the combination of a "laboratory bench" device the size of a hockey puck and a mobile App that allows users to run the system through a smartphone.

Purpl PRO utilizes near-infrared spectroscopy, which involves shining light on the sample and analyzing what is returned. In this part of the light spectrum(just beyond the red light human eyes can see) molecules react to specific regions of the light to generate a "molecular fingerprint" that can be correlated with concentration. The Purpl PRO was calibrated against HPLC measurements from multiple state certified testing laboratories.

What is included:

  • Purpl PRO Bench unit, Sample Holder and Cap, Grinder and Funnel, Calibration Cartridge, Cleaning Brush, USB cable, Quick Start Guide, Hardshell Case (IP67)
  • 1 year Warranty on Purpl PRO bench unit
  • Tech Support by Purpl Engineers


Phone Requirements:

  • Apple iOS version 11.0
  • Android version 5.0

Network Connectivity:

  • Wifi or Network Data Connection Required

Phone Connectivity:

  • Bluetooth (BLE)

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