PureAG Pest Control Concentrate 32oz

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PureAG Pest Control Concentrate 32oz

What is a Pesticide?

Plants that humans and animals depend on for life, are susceptible to 80,000-100,000 diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, mycoplasma like organisms, rickettsias, fungi, algae and other higher parasitic plants. Approximately 3000 species of nematodes attack plants and more than 1000 cause serious economic loss to crops. Of the 1 million known species of insects, about 10,000 contribute to the devastating loss of crops worldwide.

Pests are organisms that are competitive to mankind or his interests in some manner. Pesticides are agents employed by humans to control pests. The term ‘pesticide’ applies to insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and other types of pest controlling substances.

The Pure Difference

PureAg Pest Control embodies these changes with the essence of the next technology movement; nano-technology through colloidal micelles. PureAg Pest Control offers an environmentally friendly solution to many of today’s agricultural problems. Farmers can now solve even the most troublesome pest problems in both a non-hazardous, and cost-efficient manner.

The fatty acids in PureAg Pest Control have both antimicrobial and anti-fungicidal properties known for their treatment of bacterial and fungal infections. It is also a potent, green chemistry pesticide in the battle against insect invasions. Its success against common plant predators, such as whiteflies, scales, thrips, mites, and mealy bugs, as well as fungal problems caused by downy and powdery mildew.

“PureAg Pest Control immediately impacts the exoskeleton structure of the pest upon contact. It does this by disrupting the molecular structure of the chitin and other protein substances that protect the insect. This mechanism of action triggers the rapid and irreversible deterioration of the insect’s spiracles and tracheal system, resulting in suffocation. The major benefit of this revolutionary method of insect control is the absence of undesirable side effects on human health and the ecosystem. Unlike standard insecticides in use today, no built-in resistance can be developed by the targeted insects because this technology does not act on the nervous system, but rather on the respiratory apparatus.”

In short, PureAg Pest Control works at the organic molecular level, attacking the hydrocarbon composition of the pest, which is in total contrast to traditional chemical methods.