GreenGro PrideLands Defense 5 Lb

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80.00 LBS
GreenGro PrideLands Defense 5 Lb

GreenGro's PrideLands Defense

Pride Lands Defense is a unique dry product that is carefully crafted to help repel pests. It controls and repels a broad range of insects and insect larvae, including mites, fungus gnats, thrips, root aphids, and soil-dwelling insect larvae.

Active Ingredients:
Garlic 1%
Clove 1%
Cinnamon 1%
Peppermint 1%
White Pepper 1%

Inactive Ingredients:
Oyster Shells, Cottonseed Meal, Silica, Mustard Powder, Soybean Mealv


Use with soil or a soil-less growing medium. Pride Lands Defense is a coarse powder and is not suitable for Hydroponics applications unless applied as a foliar spray (see foliar instructions below).

    Top Dressing:

  • Add 1 dry tablespoon per gallon of media or 1 cup (8oz) per 4’x4’ of soil surface.
  • Top dress the product around the base of plant.
  • Lightly scratch it into the surface of the soil and lightly water it in.
  • Apply monthly or as needed.


  • Add 1-2 dry teaspoons per gallon of water or 1 cup (8oz) by volume per 50 gallons to your regular compost tea recipe.
  • Brew for 12-24 hours, then spray liberally onto both top and underside of leaf surface.
  • You can dilute the tea as desired.
  • For best results, do not dilute more than 50/50 with pure water. Do not apply spray in direct sunlight or intense artificial lighting. Apply in the morning or early evening light or just before lights turn off.
  • Apply weekly or as needed.


  • Safely controls a wide range of insect pests
  • Harmless to humans and pets
  • Can be applied on edible/consumable crops
  • Can be applied up to the day of harvest
  • Harmless to beneficial insects
  • Made with food grade - certified organic herbs and spices
  • Can be applied as a dry top dress or as a foliar spray when brewed with water.
 ***This product may be used on crops intended for human consumption. This product is exempt from registration with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under FIFRA Section 25(B) regulations