Plastic Pots

injection-sized.jpgNHS carries a large variety of plastic pots and containers to choose from:

Classic containers are the workhorses of the nursery industry. They offer exceptional durability, strength, and value. While they are cheaper and thinner than the other kinds of pots, they are the most widely used. Please note that the tops are slightly jagged unfinished, unlike the two kinds below.

Grip-Lip® containers are designed to provide maximum stacking and shipping strength. They ease the strain of maneuvering plants and trees because the lip becomes a rigid handle. And, this unique lip design makes the Grip-Lip® extremely comfortable to lift, yet strong enough to be carried by a forklift.

Poly-tainer™ are injection molded for strength and rigidity. This sturdy container is strong enough for shipping and attractively styled for selling. Poly-tainer™ cans are available in #1 to #6 sizes and a variety of shapes including square, squat, and round.

Of course, we also carry a large selection of Smart Pot Fabric Containers, as well as plenty of hydroponic Ebb & Flow flood tables and reservoirs