Potent Growth Neem Oil 8oz

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Potent Growth Neem Oil 8oz

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PotentGrowth proudly brings you the highest quality neem oil product on the market.  Our Organic Cold Pressed Neem Oil Wash consists of the highest quality essential oils, all of which are rated for cosmetic use on skin making the product safe for use around your family and pets.  Our formula not only has many additional benefits, but it solves the problems commonly associated with conventional neem oil as well; from mixing and spraying to lack of residue and cleanup, even the smell is a considerable improvement from conventional neem oil products.  This product revolutionizes the use of neem oil for everyone.

Immediate and Long Lasting results

All ingredients are 100% certified organic, non-GMO, and cosmetic grade.

Solution safe for use in homes and gardens with children and pets.

Mixes in cold water and maintains consistency without continual agitation

Usable in foggers and atomizers without the clogging commonly associated with neem oil.

Neem Oil Wash

If you have ever used neem oil, this product is unlike any neem oil product you have tried before. It mixes in the coldest water, stays mixed without agitation, can be used in foggers, keeps your equipment clean, and provides almost instant results as well as a long lasting layer of protection against mold and mildew.

Neem oil is only the beginning, however. This product combines other cosmetic-grade essential oils, organic emulsifiers, and natural surfactants to not only bring out the best properties of the accompanying neem oil, but to also make it strong, fast-acting and effective. It truly provides all the benefits of neem oil and so much more, without any of the hazard, hassle, or mess.

Directions for Use

Our standard recommended concentration is 2-4 fl.oz./gal. We have stress-tested this at well over the recommended strength (under proper conditions) and found no visible negatives. We always recommend spraying in the evening or just before your lights go off to guarantee the safety of your plants.

While this can be used in indoor commercial application, we do not recommend washing houseplants indoors as some of these natural oils can permanently discolor drywall if accidentally sprayed. As with any new product, if you are unsure about the surfaces near your garden and plants or the plants themselves, test a small, inconspicuous area first before widespread application. This product is not noxious or hazardous in any way if used as directed - it is safe enough to use in a garden your that your family will be enjoying a short time later. When you are finished, your mixture container can simply be cleaned with a quick flush of cold water.