Philips Master GP T EL 600W bulb (Gavita Pro Replacement)

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Philips Master GP T EL 600W bulb (Gavita Pro Replacement)

Special 400 volt version of the Philips GreenPower series. This 600 watt 400 volt EL lamp is used in, amongst others, Gavita Pro Line frames and EVSA’s. Attention: The 400 volt lamp does not fit in the common 230 volt VSA’s!

It is a high pressure sodium Philips lamp with a long life span and constant lighting for  the duration of the product life. The Master GreenPower Plus lamp is specially adapted to the needs of horticulture and has a higher lighting power which supplies more growth light.

The 600W 400V EL Master Green PowerPhilips Lamp is the improved version of the Son-t Plus. The HPS lamp is made of hard glass with a discharge tube and a measured quantity of sodium.

Properties of the Master GreenPower Plus 600W 400V EL Philips lamp:

  • Special 400 volt 600 watt lamp, to be used only in 400V systems
  • Suitable for the flowering phase
  • 87,500 lumen brightness
  • E40 fitting
  • Dimensions: 5 x 28 cm
  • 16.000 lighting hours
  • 1120 micromol (umol/s)
  • The lamp is suitable for an area of 100 x 100 CM