Oregon Bull Organic Ages Humus 40 lb Bucket

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655.00 Ounces
Oregon Bull Organic Ages Humus

Oregon Bull contains 100% aged, pure, unadulterated decomposed humus, sourced from cattle manure from a finishing lot with operated before the days of artificial growth hormones, growth-inducing antibiotics, or genetically engineered feed.

All cattle were grass fed and barley finished. Located in the Pristine Warner Valley.

The "finishing lot" was established on the MC Ranch in 1958, handling more than 5,000 cattle each year, using grain and hay grown on the ranch. Over several decades, the manure accumulated and naturally decomposed into a premium, high nutrient soil amendment in the pure air and sunshine of the Warner Valley. Nothing else was added, ever.

Tested clean, see for yourself here: http://www.oregonbull.com/lab-tests.html