OGB: Root Pack, 8oz

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OGB: Root Pack, 8oz

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OG BioWar: Root Pack

OG Biowar Root Pack is a microbial inoculant. It is a proprietary blend of highly concentrated beneficial fungi and bacteria that perform many important functions in the rhizosphere (the root zone).  It is not a fertilizer, and can be used in conjunction with any nutrient program. When comparing spore counts and diversity, we feel that there is no competition and no product like it!  The root pack promotes plant health by boosting the immune system, increasing shoot and root growth, multiplying flower production, increasing essential oil production, and contributing to the overall well being of your plants! The root pack is an amazing addition to your compost tea as well. Try it once and you will be see. It truly is a game changer.

The ROOT PACK is composed of beneficial microbes and a pharmaceutical grade talc carrier. It may be used 2 ways, mixed with water, or applied directly by incorporating it in to your soil/peat/coco mix. It is important to follow the mixing instructions below.

Mixing instructions for watering in:

  1. Scoop 1 tsp of the ROOT PACK per 1 liter of non chlorinated water.
  2. Mix well, breaking up all the clumps so that the solution looks nice and cloudy.
  3. Let the solution settle for 3-5 minutes. The talc carrier will slowly settle to the bottom, but the microbes will stay suspended in the water.
  4. Pour or scoop the liquid off the top, avoiding the majority of the talc carrier sitting on the bottom. The talc carrier is safe, so don't worry about getting a little on the plants or in the soil. It is best to avoid the majority though because sometimes the talc carrier can clog sprayers and cause soil to drain slowly. When you are done rinse the talc carrier from the mixing vessel.

As a seedling treatment: 3 tsp/ Liter of non chlorinated water prior to planting.

For Cuttings: Add 1 tsp/Liter of solution prior to placing cutting.

As a drench for rooted plants: 1 teaspoon per liter of non chlorinated water.

Instructions for mixing direct (dry): Add 1 teaspoon/gallon of mix. Example: 5 gallon pot would get 5 teaspoons mixed in. That's it! Mixing it in dry is best done when transplanting to new containers.

BioBrew Instructions

OGBIOWAR recommends applying the ROOT and FOLIAR packs via BIO BREW for optimum results! Here is how:

  1. Fill a 5 gallon bucket with 4 gallons of NON CHLORINATED water.
  2. Add 100 ml of regular unsulphured black strap molasses.
  3. Adjust pH between 6.5-7.0
  4. For soil or hydro add 4 tablespoons each of the ROOT and FOLIAR PACK.
  5. Fill a cheap stocking with 1-2 cups of high quality earth worm castings. Tie this off and let it float in the solution like a tea bag.
  6. Bubble with a 6” air stone disc and air pump rated at 60 lpm or more, for 2-48 hours. OGBIOWAR likes a 24 hour BIO BREW.
  7. Turn off air pump, let the tea settle for approximately 10 minutes, and take/pour brew off the top to avoid sediment.
  8. Rinse out sediment in bucket for future batches. Clean tubing, air stone, and bucket thoroughly in between brews.

Add any nutrients or additives and pH BEFORE adding the brew to your normal regimen. The day after a reservoir change (once every 7-10 days) is a good time to add tea.


  • Add 50mL of tea to every gallon of stock solution for any recirculating system. Change solution weekly! Dilute one gallon of tea to 9 gallons of stock solution for nonrecirculating systems.
  • Soak new cuttings in full concentrate tea for 10 minutes prior to placing the cutting. If using a cloning machine, add to the reservoir at the rate of 50mL per gallon.
  • Foliar feed with this tea once every 7-10 days at full concentrate. Let the tea settle well, or strain to avoid clogging the sprayer.
  • If you are battling an existing pest or pathogen problem, use at full strength, without diluting. Pour tea directly in to crown and foliar as well. Can be used up to harvest/flush at user’s discretion.