Miracle Punchy 150W LED

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215.00 Ounces
Miracle Punchy 150W LED

Miracle Punchy 150W LED

Miracle Punchy LED Fixture outperforms CMH315Watts and other LED fixtures while providing rapid payback and reduced maintenance costs. Designed in the USA, its patented technology combines an ultralight heat-sink (an optical system that provides even illumination with low glare) and an intelligent driver. Reliability and efficiency are ensured by a proprietary ThruFlow™ heat-sink design that maintains low temperatures without a fan.

Miracle Punchy's light spectrum is optimized from growing plants while save 35% more energy than the competitor LED. With a universal voltage of 100-277V, amazing thermal efficiency, and certifications including UL, CE, DLC, PSE, KC, and CB, Miracle Punchy is a light weight, efficient grow light perfect for warehouse grows, tent growing, greenhouse, industrial, light deprivation, individual home growing, and commercial growing.

  • DLC Listed for line Voltage 120 - 277VAC
  • Eliminates glare and delivers these previously wasted lumens to target, resulting in 1.6X higher illuminanace in the center and 2.0X higher illuminanace at the edge.
  • Optical distribution enables 1 for 1 replacement for current CMH315Watts spacing 1.6-2.0 Higher foot candle/ LUX/ PPFD efficiency with same lumen output
  • Dimmable from 0-10V
  • UL Damp Listed for 120 - 277VAC; Suitable for Dry and Damp locations
  • Micro-baffles to achieve glare cut off at 50˚ batwing distribution
  • Integral Optics without need for external reflector
  • 12 ft Power cord with 6Kv surge protection and no flicker
  • Dimensions: 13.78 in x 10.3 in x 10.3 in.
  • Weight: 3.6 lbs.