Mad Farmer pH Get UP 1 gallon (base)

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140.00 Ounces
Mad Farmer pH Get UP 1 gallon (base)


Mad Farmer’s Get Up is specifically designed to raise the pH levels of liquid nutrients solutions. The Mad Farmer’s Get Up contains only the finest ingredients. No dyes are added to mask the quality and clarity of this formula. Get Up contains three different pH buffers, which optimizes its strength and stability. It is compatible with all brands of nutrients, organic and/or synthetics. Get Up is proudly made in the U.S.A. Compare this product with General Hydroponics pH Up product and you'll see this is not only cheaper, but has no dyes or fillers for the same strength. 

Ingredients Explained:

potassium carbonate
potassium silicate
potassium hydroxide

Directions For Use:

Add small amounts of Get Up at a time.
Check pH levels until desired pH levels are reached.
Amount needed to make proper adjustments will vary.
Use Mad Farmer’s N.U.T.S. to stabilize pH fluctuation.

Available Sizes:

1 Quart
1 Gallon