Luxx: 645W Led Pro 120-277v

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Luxx: 645W Led Pro 120-277v

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Luxx 645w Led Pro

The Luxx 645 LED Pro has been developed by assessing SMD (Surface Mount Device) chips and drivers from leading manufacturers in controlled test applications and cultivation facilities for +3 years. The Luxx 645 LED Pro is made up of Samsung horticulture whites and Osram reds. The respective companies lead the field in LED R&D, delivering high efficiency, reliability & diode performance. The Luxx 645 LED Pro deploys a lens angle of 120 degrees, from a 6 bar design, with a total of 2,226 diodes. The Luxx 645 LED Pro features manual and auto power adjustment, delivering the flexibility to dim the unit down to 40% total power for lower photon intensity, without affecting the quality of the spectrum.

Performance Specifications
  Input Voltage   120 - 277V, 347V
  Input current   5.38A - 1.86A
  Input Power   645W
  Min. Power Factor   >0.85%
  Thermal Management    Passive
  Lifetime   L90; >54,000 hrs
  Power Cord   Selection required  
  PPF   1727 umol/s
  PPE   2.67 umol/j
  Cooling   Passive
  Dimming   40 - 100%
  Max. Operation Temp   104 degrees F
Physical Specifications
  Length   49"
  Width   43.30"
  Height   2.55"
  Weight   31 lbs
  Mounting Height    8" - 18" Distance to Canopy  


  • 6 bar
  • IP66 Waterproof
  • Mounts to Unistrut
  • UL/ ETL Listed
  • Manual & Auto Dimming
  • All in one design
  • Plug & Play
    Performance Requirements
      Rated Mains Voltage   120 - 277V, 347V  
      Voltage Range   90 - 305V
      Mains Frequency   50/60 Hz
      Operation Frequency    50/60 Hz