Luxx: 1000W DE HPS Fixture

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Luxx: 1000W DE HPS Fixture

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Luxx 1000W DE HPS Fixture

The Luxx Lighting 1000w DE HPS fixture is the result of thousands of harvests, decades of cultivation experience, and passion for the garden. Every component of the DE 1000w was purpose-designed and built from the slim-line reflector to the low profile ballast, this fixture was designed with the grower in mind. For the past decade, growers have been utilizing greenhouse fixtures indoors. The DE 1000w is the new standard for indoor cultivation. By growers, for growers.
Performance Requirements
  Rated Mains Voltage   208 - 277V  
  Voltage Range  187 - 305V
  Mains Frequency  50/60 Hz
  Operation Frequency   100 - 120 kHz  
  Input Voltage   208/240/277V
  Input current   5.51/4.6/3.85A
  Input Power   1060/1055/1045W
  Min. Power Factor   .99
  Crest Factor
  NEMA L7 - 15P to C13  
Physical Specifications
  Ballast Length     7.09 in
  Ballast Width    9.8 in
  Ballast Height    4.1 in
  Hood Length     14 in
  Hood Width    14 in
  Total Length     26.8 in
  Total Weight    16.44 lbs  
  Total Height    5.4 in
  • The bulb is included (Luxx Lighting 1000w HPS 2000k)
  • Over 98% high reflective aluminum
  • 10ft 240V or 277V power cord (NEMA L7-15P)