Local Delivery

NHS Delivery Guidelines & Instructions




Below are some guidelines to ensure a smooth delivery transaction. This procedure also outlines the
steps to be taken when a customer requests delivery.

  • All delivery orders are paid full IN ADVANCE.
  • The hourly fee is $85/hour round trip. There is a minimum of 1 hr.
  • Our trucks are safely equipped to handle up to 5 tons. That is approx 4-6 pallets of soil depending on the brand.
  • There will be a $50 fee for remote location (i.e. poorly maintained dirt roads, mud, ‘no road’)
  • There is a maximum waiting time of 30 minutes for the driver
  • Delivery location will be approved by driver

If you would like your products delivery directly to your farm, please Contact Us and we can make it happen! Even better, if you want to open up a commercial account with us, you will get special pricing, a personal sales manager to call directly, and other special incentives. Contact Us today for more information.