iGROW 400w Vegetative Replacement Lamp/Bulb

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256.00 Ounces
iGROW 400w Vegetative Replacement Lamp/Bulb

iGROW® Agricultural Lamp

Our bulbs have been specifically designed for plant growth, which makes them different than any other bulb on the market. Since different plants have different needs throughout their growth cycles, no one bulb can do it all. That is why we have created two bulbs that will cover each type of plant and both grow cycles, veg and bloom. Every iGROW bulb provides light in a full spectrum of colors for the best results possible. No other bulb manufactured has the quality of light of an iGROW bulb.

iGROW Veg Full Spectrum Bulb/ Best Uses:

  • Non-flowering plants, like lettuce, greens and herbs
  • Propagation of cuttings
  • Seed starts
  • During vegetative stage of early and juvenile growth for blooming and flowering plants like tomatoes, peppers and flowers