Hydrolyzed Fish 5 gallons

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720.00 Ounces
Hydrolyzed Fish 5 gallons

Fish Hydrolysate 2-3-1

omri-listed.jpgFish Hydrolysate is a 100% organic fertilizer made from fish extracts. It’s an excellent source of nitrogen, manganese, potash, and essential trace elements. More importantly, it feeds soil microbes.

Without microbes, plants could not survive. They depend on symbiotic beneficial microbes to help them break down organic matter into usable food, help regulate the flow of water, oxygen, and nutrients, and to protect the soil from disease-causing pathogens. Fish Hydrolysate feeds these microbes, stimulating their growth and increasing their population, making the soil healthier and more fertile. This liquid is OMRI listed!

Fish Hydrolysate:

  • Is potent and long-lasting, and since this means it doesn’t need to be applied as often as many fertilizers, it is also very cost-effective
  • Is certified 100% organic Fish Hydrolysate
  • Is a great organic nitrogen source.
  • Adds magnesium, potash, carbohydrates, enzymes, and vital trace elements to the soil to improves plant health and vitality.
  • Is compatible with most liquid nutrients, fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, and defoliants.