Humboldt Ag Supply Alaskan Humus 2 cubic yard Tote

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116,000.00 LBS
Humboldt Ag Supply Alaskan Humus 2 cubic yard Tote

Humboldt Ag Supply has partnered with Bountea to bring Alaskan Humus to the North Coast.

Humus is the essence of fertility. It is the earthy smelling stuff that makes soil dark brown. Known for its natural, rugged, untouched beauty, Alaska is the premier location for the harvest of humus. Alaskan humus is entirely natural and devoid of any pesticides, E. coli, or harmful chemicals that are often found in commercial composts and fertilizers. Humus, often described as the “life-force” of soil, increases soil water absorption and improves soil workability. Alaskan Humus can be used as a seed germinator, soil amendment, living compost for tea or a top dressing for lawns and gardens. WSDA and OIM certified Organic.

  • Pure Natural 100% Organic Humus
  • A premium starter for all compost teas
  • Enriches and enlivens potting soils
  • A biologically active soil amendment