Grow More 30-10-10 5 lbs

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85.00 Ounces
Grow More (30-10-10) 5#

Grow More 30-10-10 is a specially formulated fertilizer designed to help plants produce lush foliage while maintaining a healthy root structure. This is intended for use during the vegetative stage of a plant's life cycle.

The Grow More Way

The first chemical revolution in agriculture started over 100 years ago, when soil fertilization was discovered; the second chemical revolution - the idea of foliar feeding as an effective and important tool in crop fertility - is going to be common only in our generation.

Leaf feeding or foliar fertilization with Grow More Fertilizers can increase yields of a healthy crop beyond the capabilities of conventional, soil applied fertilizers.

Used correctly Grow More Water Soluble Fertilizers can provide an attractive economic return on investment over and above that obtained from soil applied fertilizers.

- Foliar Spray Grade
- Made With Low Biuret Urea
- Drip-Irrigation
- No Sediment
- Multi Nitrogen Sources

Grow More - 100% water soluble fertilizer concentrate for foliar or soil applications.

Versatile - foliar sprays or infector systems

Grow More Fertilizers are formulated to supply sufficient amounts of extra nutrients for high yields. Grow More are supplements to be used in addition to normal soil applied fertilizers and do not compensate for the lack of good cultivation and management practices. If used correctly and with experience, soil applied fertilizers can be cut back as much as 20% when: Grow More is used in a Foliar Fertilizer Program.

Grow More Fertilizers are designed to meet a need for a properly balanced, highly concentrated product that can be applied by aircraft or ground rigs, as well as used in dilute or concentrated sprinkler or injector systems. Grow More Fertilizers are versatile products that meet many requirements; consider the following:

- 100% soluble nutritional foliage spray that can be applied to fruit and after crops nearing maturity. leaving little or no visible residue at harvest.
- Safe and effective for tfte many different species and sizes of plants grown together in greenhouses and nurseries.
- Contain elements which provide the entire spectrum of nutrients needed for a wide variety of plants.
- Provides a source of immediately available plant nutrients. Particularly suitable for fast growing field. vegetable and nursery crops.
- 100% soluble and does not need agitation in tfte tank.
- Formulated to be compatible with most common pesticides and fungicides - especially suited for aircraft applications.
- Can be used as both a spreader and acidifier.
- Uniform in analysis every drop contains the same analysis.
- Contains chelating and sequestering agents to assure availability without precipitation of the major and micronutrients.
- Contains no chlorides.

Color Tracer

Grow More Fertilizers contain a brilliant dye that is ultraviolet light and pH stable for alkaline or acid conditions.

Chelating and Trace Elements

All GROW MORE fertilizers contain a special multi-mix of chelated micronutrients. manufactured from NA4 EDT A. Our new formula has the broadest compatibility range of any micronutrient source. Since our exclusive formula is chemically stable, differences in pH water hardness. or mixing temperature have no effect on chelate activity, which means the essential major and micronutrients are kept soluble and mobil for the greatest efficiency. Our formula provides the optimum level of micronutrients to satisfy the demands of most growing situations.

Laboratory Testing

We maintain testing and research facilities and encourage growers to use our experienced personnel to solve your problems. Please write for information on our Complete Plant Tissue, Fertilizer, Water or Soil Analysis.


Element - Content - Equivalent - Lbs./Ton

Iron - .10% - 0.143 Fe2o3 - 2.0
Zinc - .05% - 0.062 Zn O - 1.0
Magnesium .05%- 0.083 Mg O - 1.0
Manganese .05% - 0.060 Mn O - 1.0
Copper .05% - 0.060 Cu O - 1.0
Molybdenum .0005% - 0.001 Mo O3 - 0.01
Boron .052% - 0.021 B2O3 - 0.4
Sulfur .20% - Combined - 4.0

Solubility and Purity

High solubility and purity and the special forms of nitrogen. phosphorus and potassium make Grow More Fertilizers the ideal product. Safe and quick acting all our formulas are made with the highest purity technical grade plant foods available, the ingredients used and the quality of manufacturing are unduplicated in other fertilizers. Grow More contains no sulfates, chlorides, carbonates, excess soluble salts or other undesirable elements to damage plants. Each and every container of fertilizer is marked with a quality control number that insures that each batch has been continuously monitored for control of solubility, pH color, moisture. particle size, and content of chelated micronutrients. Grow More is formulated for maximum solubility, designed for injector systems and foliar spraying. Depending on the formula up to 6 1/2 Ibs. are soluble per gallon of water, this means no deposits in the tanks, lines or equipment.