Green Cleaner 8 oz.

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Green Cleaner 8 oz

onsale-burst.pngGreen Cleaner: Created by Growers, for Growers.

Green Cleaner concentrate eliminates pests and pathogens, naturally—no respirators, gloves, or suiting up required. It treats the issue of pest control in a safe and consumer conscious manner. Best of all, it solves the issue of “immunity” by killing eggs and preventing pests from becoming resistant to it.

Green Cleaner kills spider mites and their eggs, aphids, white flies, all soft bodied insects, including the dreaded broad and russet mites on contact. Grab a magnifying glass or microscope and see for yourself. Green cleaner decimates them, every time. It also washes off and eliminates powdery mildew. Use from start up to the day of harvest — spray PM even while hanging up your final product.

This safe & all-natural, 100 percent concentrate product can be used as a solution to dip tender new cuttings in, to prevent garden contamination when outsourcing plant starts, and can be used from start through harvest as a treatment. We start with soybean oil and sodium lauryl sulfate. The soybean oil acts to quickly suffocate pests, such as spider mites, broad mites, and russet mites, while the sodium lauryl sulfate coats bugs in slimy goodness to immobilize them.

Green Cleaner is also very effective against the common fungus, powdery mildew. Powdery mildew is a problem so prevalent, that it effects growers from coast to coast, and is a constant source of irritation to gardeners in temperamental climates where humidity is difficult to control. PM is a disease caused by different species of fungi. Each species attacks specific or wide varieties of plants. The asexual production of spores can reproduce in as little as 48 hours. The spores move from plant to plant by wind, insect contact, and even gardeners. Many times, outsourcing new plants and bringing them into your garden can bring in unwarranted spores of PM. Infection is favored in high humidity (50-90%), especially during nighttime or “lights off” hours, when temperatures can fluctuate between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Central Coast Garden Products is paving the way for legal, commercial crop production through natural and effective pest control. Keep an eye out for our newest product “Root Cleaner”.

Insecticide, Fungicide, Miticide.


* All Natural
* Concentrated – never watered down for profit
* Pests can’t build immunity to it
* No gloves, respirator, or suiting up required
* Kills pests and their eggs! No product “stacking” required.
* Use from Start to Harvest

Available in:

2 oz – makes up to 4 gallons
4 oz – makes up to 8 gallons
8 oz – makes up to 16 gallons
32 oz – makes up to 64 gallons
128 oz (1 gal) – makes up to 256 gallons

Green Cleaner Color Change

This product was formerly called “Old Stage Green Clean”, but is not manufactured by Central Coast Garden Products

We want to let everyone know that the product solution is now slightly darker, going from neon green to a more teal green. It’s okay and safe to use. The formulation has in no way changed. We simply have a new source for one of the inputs and the green coloring is just a little darker. It’s the same product with the same results. Don’t worry, mix and spray away. The color may have slightly changed, but the pest killing power is one and the same!

Thanks for all your support and happy pest killing!

Test on 1 or 2 plants before applying Green Cleaner to your entire crop. Start with lower application rate. 1/2 -1 oz per gallon (some plants are more sensitive than others).\

Application Rate Breakdown:

Amounts in Ounces per gallon (3.8 l)

1/2 oz = 1 Tbs / 15 ml
1 oz = 2 Tbs / 30 ml
2 oz = 4 Tbs / 60 ml

Amounts in Ounces per liter (32 oz)

1/4 oz = 1/2 Tbs / 10 ml

1. Initial drench…………….. 2 oz per gallon  – For Spider Mites & Their Eggs
2. Secondary application …. 1 oz per gallon – Apply every 1-2 days
3. Weekly Maintenance ……. 1/2 per gallon – Once or Twice a week
4. For Powdery mildew…….. 1/2 oz per gallon- Apply every 1-2 days



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