Flying Skull Nuke Em 8oz

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1.24 Ounces
Flying Skull Nuke Em 8oz

There is no other product like it! It is a true breakthrough in the science of zero residue multi-purpose pesticides. Kills broad mites, spider mites, thrips, white fly, powdery mildew and more. Apply on the day of harvest to buds and blooms. Reduces mold and mildew in the drying process. Will not slow plant growth like other products. Meets state requirements for zero pesticide residues. It's unique OMRI listed formula is comprised of 100% food grade ingredients.

Flying Skull Plant Products brings Nuke em to the indoor/outdoor gardening community. This multi-purpose insecticide and fungicide kills the eggs, larvae, juvenile and adult insects that feed on and ultimately kill plants. It targets all species of Broad Mites, Russet Mites, Spider Mites, Root Aphids, Leaf Aphids, Thrips, Whitefly and other plant leaf and soil insect parasites. Its unique formula also allows for outstanding control of the vast varieties of powdery mildew and mold found in the garden. Made entirely with food grade ingredients that you would find in a loaf of bread! Brilliant!!

Nuke em won’t lower the value of your harvest like other insecticides/fungicides! You’ve worked hard for your customers, don’t lose them because your harvest didn’t taste or smell the same. Think about it; do you have customers that purchased from you but then they stopped? Was it after a crop you treated with insecticides or fungicides? Did those insecticides/fungicides have Pyrethrums, plant oils, petroleum oils, detergents, surfactants or soaps in them? Don’t feel alone. We have gotten thousands of new customers because they lost profit from crops after they applied supposedly natural pesticides. Don’t worry; Nuke em is here to keep your plant value high and your customers loyal!!

Nuke em is:

  • Non Toxic
  • Made with Food Grade Ingredients
  • Super Concentrated
  • Non Allergenic
  • Uses NO Oils, Detergents or nasty chemicals.

Currently not for sale in New Mexico, Mississippi and Indiana

Nuke em:

  • Exceeds state regulations for zero toxic pesticide residue on plant materials
  • Does kill Broad Mites, Russet Mites, Spider mites, Root Aphids, Leaf Aphids, Thrips, Whitefly and more
  • Does kill eggs, larvae, juvenile and adult insects
  • Does control mildew and mold before and after harvest
  • Is concentrated and economical
  • Is approved for use on or after the day of harvest
  • Is safe around people and pets
  • Is High Tech Breakthrough Technology
  • May be sprayed just before harvest to prevent leaf mold while in the drying process

Nuke em:

  • Doesn’t alter the taste or smell of growing crops or finished produce
  • Doesn’t lower the value of produce
  • Doesn’t slow photosynthesis from by reducing light to photon receptors on leaves like other oil based pesticides and plant detergent washes
  • Doesn’t slow photosynthesis from residue clogging the leaf stomata like other oil and detergent based pesticides and plant washes
  • Doesn’t have plant oils in it, so no oily residue on flowers or leaves
  • Doesn’t have soap in it, so no soapy residue on flowers or leaves
  • Doesn’t have chemical surfactants in it, so no residue on flowers or leaves
  • Doesn’t have petroleum or Pyrethrins in it, so no residue on flowers or leaves
  • Doesn’t smell bad
  • Doesn’t make leaves, stems and flowers sticky