Farm-Direct Services


Farm-Direct Services

Streamline farm efficiency and take cost-effective measures with Farm-Direct services at Northcoast Horticulture Supply. Our one-stop shop offers farmers lab services and testing, Nutrient Management Plans, custom blended soils and amendments, horticulture supplies and green consulting services. Farm-Direct pricing perks include 5% Ag Tax Credit for licensed farms, in-store financing and discount pricing on select manufactures. Consult with our knowledgeable staff on planning and designing your farm. We deliver bulk soil and amendment orders and can drop ship directly from manufactures to your farm. Benefit from our collected family of green businesses and take advantage of Farm-Direct services to maximize your farm’s potential.

Farm-Direct Services Offered

Farm-Direct Pricing
Lab Testing & Analytical Services
Nutrient Management Plans
Custom Soils & Amendment Blends
In-Store Financing
Integrated Pest Management Plans
AG Tax Credit for Licensed Farms
Green Consulting Services

Also, exclusive manufacturer discounts available for Sensational Solutions, Southern Organics & Supply, GreenGro Biologicals (Nature’s Pride), Lost Coast Plant Therapy, GreenBroz, Royal Gold Soil and more.

Farm-Direct also includes NHS’s new partnership with Dirty Business Soil (DBS), we now offer in-house testing an analysis of soil, water, and plant tissue. Our Soil Scientists can put together a specific Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) based on your results. We then will customize your soil and amendment blends specifically calculated to your NNP through our Humboldt Ag Supply production facilities. 

NHS carries all pesticides approved by the County Agricultural Commissioner and State Department of Pesticide Regulation for use on cannabis. We can help create a tailored Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan for your farm. Shop Legal-For-Trade and NTEP scales to measure flower, concentrates, edibles, etc. We also offer daily rentals on trimming machines and trichrome extractors.

For more information about Farm-Direct Services or Commercial Accounts, please contact our Farm-Direct Service Manager at (707) 839-8888 or email You can also fill out our contact form below.




Green Consulting Services

NHS has partnered with 1 Degree Consulting to provide our customers with green consulting services. 1 Degree Consulting takes your individual project and future goals and aligns them with existing regulations in order to provide a detailed plan for compliancy with all relevant local and State authorities. This allows for the most efficient and effective streamlined process to becoming a legal farm or business in the industry.

Phase Zero Discovery Meeting - Flat Fee $420

This 2-hour meeting is tailored for clients who are launching a new farm or business.

Advanced Discovery Meeting – Hourly Fee $200

This 1-2 hour meeting is tailored for clients who have an established business further along in the permitting process.

Green Consulting Services

  • Local Permit Applications
  • State License Applications
  • Business Plan Development
  • Supply Management
  • Abatement Letters
  • Planning & Design
  • Waste Reduction
  • Erosion Control Management
  • Notary Services
  • Operation Plans
  • Site/Floor Plans
  • Real Estate
  • Marketing & Branding

The 1 Degree Consulting team of trusted experts can help you with best management practices for all license types. 1 Degree consulting commands a position at the forefront of cannabis news and policy in order to provide clarity in this new and ever changing commercial landscape.  To contact the 1 Degree Consulting office, please call (707)890-6600 or email