Elemental Sulfur Prills 4 lbs

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Elemental Sulfur Prills 4 lbs

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Soil Sulfur - 99.0% purity. Packaged in easy to use resealable pouch.

Benefits of Sulfur Evaporated Sulfur in a greenhouse stops Botrytis cinerea (fungi, mold) from contaminating plants. This Centuries-old fungicide is also effective against rusts and powdery mildew. As a nutrient or soil additive, Sulfur will reduce soil pH. Sulfur is a nutrient an essential building block of many hormones and vitamins including vitamin B. Sulfur acts as a flexible bond between cells and as a joint lubricant. The body stores sulfur in the brain, nerves, bowel, liver, and in all cells. A lot is concentrated in your skin, hair, and nails. Sulfur protects the whole body against the harmful effects of toxins, radiation, and pollution. In China, Sulfur is used to repeal snakes! Recent studies show that industrial Sulfur is not safe to breathe or inhale.

To use this product, put it in a Grower's Edge Deluxe Sulfur Vaporizer or similar product. Be sure to read all directions for use before using, and do NOT use it when the lights are on.


Use 1-3 Tbsp per application, depending on greenhouse size and plant needs. Please consult equipment instructions for specific recommendations.

Grower’s Tip:

This product may harm leaves that are wet or have an oil residue on them.