Eco-Hydro Shrimp, 1 gal

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Eco-Hydro Shrimp, 1 gal

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Eco Hydro Shrimp 1gal (0-7-0)

It is 100% wild caught Pacific Ocean Shrimp shells and parts ( heads, tails, veins, fats) from the processing of shrimp at the local fisheries.


How to Use:

It is can be applied to the soil or as a foliar spray.

Shake well before using.

When mixed at 8 ounces per gallon of water, this solution can be used for indoor plants, outdoor plants, potted plants, lawns, edible plants, and even as a boost from new transplants or as a compost enhancer.




  • The high phosphorous all natural liquid fertilizer will aid in microbial development development in soil to stimulate growth
  • Promotes healthy growth
  • Promotes strong roots
  • Aids in healthy fruit and flower development
  • Excellent finisher for enhancing fragrance and flavor 
  • Greater resistance to disease


Eco-Hydro Fish and Eco-Nereo Kelp provide an organic, nutritionally complete and earth-friendly soil fortifier with Eco-Hydro Shrimp as a booster. They have the primary nutrients your plants and soil need!