Earth Juice Microblast 2.5 gallon

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400.00 Ounces
Earth Juice Microblast 2.5 gallon

Mg0.50% – B0.02% – Co0.005% – Fe0.10% – Mn0.10% – Mo0.0005% – Zn0.05%

A proprietary liquid micronutrient formula designed to be used to prevent and/or correct micronutrient deficiencies. For use with Earth Juice Grow and Bloom “Original Formulas” as well as a variety of other liquid and dry soil and hydroponic fertilizers. May be added to reservoirs, applied by hand feeding or used as foliar spray. For indoor/outdoor plants. Soil and hydroponics. See Feeding Charts, Earth Juice Original Formulas. The product’s color can vary from light to medium browns and greens.

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