Dynomyco Mycorrhizal Inoculant, 100 gram

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Dynomyco Mycorrhizal Inoculant, 100 gram

DYNOMYCO Mycorrhizal Inoculant

Increases Yields and Improves Plant Nutrient Uptake

DYNOMYCO mycorrhizal inoculants contain high performing mycorrhizal fungi strains of Glomus intraradices and Glomus mosseae. This formulation was especially developed by our very own top researchers to create and sustain a natural, beneficial symbiotic relationship with your plants. Your plants will be able to better absorb micro- and macro-nutrients, and thus grow healthier and more prosperously.

Grounded in science
DYNOMYCO™ is based on thirty years of research, by a team of agronomists and plant and soil experts. We understand mycorrhizal fungi and the great impact they have on cannabis plants, which are considered obligate mycotrophs.
  • HIGHLY-CONCENTRATED FORMULA: With a concentration of 900 propagules per gram, DYNOMYCO mycorrhizal inoculants improve uptake of micro- and macro-nutrients. This translates to healthier, more resilient plants, higher quality, and higher yields!
  • HIGH PERFORMING STRAINS: DYNOMYCO Mycorrhizal Fungi Inoculants contain unique fungal strains which develop robust beneficial symbiotic relationships with plant roots. DYNOMYCO contains a blend of strains sourced worldwide, including especially vigorous strains from the harsh conditions of the Israeli desert. Your plants benefit from enhanced capacity to cope with stress, such as suboptimal soil pH levels.
  • STATE-OF-THE-ART RESEARCH: DYNOMYCO is based on 30 years of groundbreaking Israeli research of soil inoculants. Our team includes biologists, agronomists and soil health experts who have perfected DYNOMYCO’s formulation. DYNOMYCO undergoes strict, automated quality control, to ensure your plants get a safe and effective product, every time.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: When it comes to customer satisfaction, there’s no room for compromise. DYNOMYCO mycorrhizal inoculants are tested and proven beneficial by thousands of growers around the world, with phenomenal results. Our customers have demonstrated 10-45% yield increases, when compared to control groups!           

Some of the amazing benefits of this product:

  • Increases plant tolerance to suboptimal pH levels;
  • Increased stress resistance;
  • Accelerates plant growth and time to harvest;
  • Improves nutrient uptake;
  • Reduces fertilizer requirements;
  • Compatible with various growing media (soil, coco, rockwool);
  • Easy to apply;
  • Can be used with synthetic and organic fertilizers.

DYNOMYCO™ improves plant nutrient, mineral and water uptake, which translates to: healthier plants and higher yields! It contains 900 propagules per gram of Glomus intraradices (A.K.A. Rhizophagus intraradices) and Glomus mosseae (A.K.A. Funneliformis mosseae)

Support plant health
DYNOMYCO™ mycorrhizal inoculants will protect your plants from environmental stress and allow them to thrive in various growing conditions.

Improve plant nutrient uptake
DYNOMYCO™'s beneficial fungi help your plant absorb more nutrients. The fungi latch onto the plant roots and effectively extend them to access nutrients otherwise unavailable to the plant.
Maximize Plant potential

DYNOMYCO™ is highly-concentrated, containing large amounts of endomycorrhizal propagules which help your plants realize their full potential in terms of yields and overall plant health.

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