Doctor Zymes Eliminator 1 gallon

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152.00 Ounces
Doctor Zymes Eliminator 1 gallon

The Amazing Doctor Zymes Eliminator!

Stop your growing problems, and keep your plants healthy with enzymes. Simple. Clean. Effective. Enzymes do the work without contaminating. That means no harmful run-off. No toxic waste. Just healthy, thriving plants.

How to Use
Mix 1 oz. to 2 oz. of Eliminator to a quart of water.  For best results, mix with warm water between 70 to 98 degrees.  Adjust pH to 6.0 to 7.0.  Use as often as needed.  Spray entire plant including stalks, under and in between leaves.  To ensure you kill eggs and larvae, use 2 oz. per quart of water.   Can be used as a soil drench for fungus gnats, root aphids and root diseases.

*Always test first.  
Do not use in ambient temperatures over 90 degrees or in direct sunlight. 
*Best to apply in early evening to avoid phototoxicity.
Use caution when spraying around beneficial insects.  This will kill all insects.  Save the Honeybees, use with caution.

Tips for Success:

Eliminator is an ideal product for IPM (Integrated Pest Management).  To combat Broad Mites, Russet Mites or any other crawling insect we suggest forming a barrier at the base of your plants to discourage re-infestation.  When spraying on plants indoors make sure you raise the HID lights or ideally use during the dark cycle to avoid phototoxicity.  You may add it to your recirculating system to help with salt build up and to help prevent root diseases and for pest control.  It will be foamy but is completely safe and 100% biodegradable.  Do not use wetting agents.  Do not spray on top of or with other pesticides or fungicides.

If you'd like more information on using this product, please check out this PDF hosted on Doctor Zymes website.

OMRI Listed