Dirty Business Advanced Soil Nutrient Test

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How this works::
Read intructions (see links in description below)
Step 1:
Collect your sample
Step 2:
Fill out your intake form so we can give your results
Step 3:
Send it to our Lab for analysis
Optional Sample Collection Kit includes::
resealable plastic sample bag, In-Take Form,testing instructions, return shipping label and box.
Dirty Business Advanced Soil Nutrient Test

The Dirty Business Advanced Soil Nutrient Test:

  • Measures the basics at soluble and insoluble levels
  • Measures the basics: pH, EC, Bulk Density, Organic Matter (on native soil only), Micros and Macros at a soluble level, and calculates out the percent exchangeable cations with a   Calcium:Magnesium ratio.
  • Need help reading your report?  Includes comments, nutrient recommendations, & liming requirements by a Soil Scientist.  Here is a guide to understanding your Soil Test Results
  • This is perfect when combined with our Nutrient Management Plan

How to take a Soil Sample:

  • Step 1: Read these Instructions and/or watch this Video then Collect your soil Sample.
  • Step 2:  Completely fill out this In-Take Form *Important* this is how we give you the Results. Please print, fill out completely, sign this form, and include it with each sample sent in.
  • Step 3: Send Us your soil sample and your In-Take Form. We will contact you when the results are processed.
Send to:
825 W Wabash Ave
Eureka, CA, 95501

If you would like a physical test kit and instructions mailed to you, please click the box to choose a Sample Collection Kit Add-On for $25.  This Kit includes Soil Sampling Instructions, a Sample Order Form, a bag for your sample, a box for your return, and a pre-paid return label.

For questions about the test, please call (707) 633-8885

For questions about ordering online, please call (707) 826-9998


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