Bulb SunMaster 1000W MH (True MH Blue Ice) M.1000W.U37.5.5K

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22.80 Ounces
Bulb SunMaster 1000W MH (True MH Blue Ice) M.1000W.U37.5.5K

Sunmaster’s COOL/Blue Ice grow lamps were developed to support strong vegetative growth.  University and 3rd party tested, these lamps have been optimized to maximize the vegetative stage of flowering plants.  Operate the ‘COOL’ family in conjunction with Sunmaster ‘SUPER’ and ‘FINISH’ lamps at later growth phases to optimize yield.


  • Stronger blue component for maximum vegetative growth
  • Encourages increased number of internodes while maintaining compact plant
  • High PAR values, weighted in key blue/violet areas of the spectrum
  • Produces higher chlorophyll level for greener, healthier plants
  • Promotes large leaf area / mass, and thicker primary stems

Exclusive Venture Lighting lamp chemistry
Company owned chemicals, metals, design
E-ballast compatible
Full one year warranty