Boldt Bags Full Mesh 20 Gallon - 4 Bag Kit

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Boldt Bags Full Mesh 20 Gallon  - 4 Bag Kit

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Full Mesh – 20 Gallon 4 Bag Kit

Recommended to make award winning hash.


Custom designed with Full Mesh, these bags provide exceptional ice water sieving properties and award winning purity thanks to the large functional surface area and lightweight construction that allows for easy use and award winning results.

– Diameter 16.5″

– Depth 25.5″

The set includes:

  • 190 micron bag (green)
  • 160 micron bag (red)
  • 90 micron bag (black)
  • 45 micron bag (white)
  • 8" x 8" pressing filter (25 micron)
  • Scraping card


Boldt Bags are handcrafted in California. Please inspect the product for manufacturing defects before use. If product is damaged before use, take photos of the product and email them along with the receipt to [email protected] If defect is found please return the bag before use or warranty is null and void. If we deem the product to be unused and with a manufacturing defect, we will email you the shipping label to return damaged product. Once we see it has shipped we will send the new product. Return Policy If the product is unused the customer can pay for shipping and a restocking fee for a refund as soon as we receive the product. Rinse and clean bags between each use. Rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide are suitable cleaning agents. Dry bags completely before folding or storing. Weight Capacity 8 lbs per gallon.