Biodiversity Krazy Kelp 4# (1-0-17)

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48.00 Ounces
Biodiversity Krazy Kelp 4# (1-0-17)

Adds NPK nutrients that are soluble, available and long lasting. Supplies an ideal food source for beneficial microbes. Provides a natural, organic source of Potassium. A hidden source of so many other nutrients. Boosts the microbial diversity and count in compost tea. Build soil and sequesters carbon.


1% - 0% - 17%
“This seaweed extract is a perfect food for microbial growth in compost teas. It is highly active and plant available. A high source of potassium as well!”

Krazy Kelp adds immediately available nutrients while stockpiling more for later in the soil. It functions a lot like Fancy Fish. It builds strong microbe counts that feed the plant the high potassium dose of 17%!

Its extraction process to get the kelp to become soluble adds back potassium and the microbes seems to love it! Again, it unique spectrum of plant nutrition has signifcant impact on all aspects of a plants’ rooting, growth and bloom. This dark purple powder is ready to go to work!