Ballast Digital GGL 1000W Dimmable Intellivolt

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400.00 Ounces

Global Greenhouse Lighting Digital Ballasts are versatile, capable of powering both Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium bulbs. They can run on either 120V or 240 Volt power sources. Firing at a higher frequency gives 15% to 20% more lumen output than a standard magnetic core ballast. Can be run on Generator power.

GGL ballasts are built to last with a 3-year full and 5-year limited warranty.

  • Rubycon Capacitors – The most advanced Japanese capacitor on the market
  • Heavy Duty 120V Cord (240V cord available separately)
  • All models fire both HPS & MH lamps
  • MultiVolt Input – Easy to use design
  • Exclusive Ultra Quiet noise control system
  • S-Type Socket
  • Generator Ready
  • Benefits of digital include: more lumens, energy efficiency, longer bulb life, silent cool operation, and lightweight design